About Us

Bikini Culture is your one stop shop of all the most fabulous swimsuit brands from all corners of the world. It makes every woman's job of finding the right bikini less of a nightmare and more of a hobby. Collaborating with over 20 of the best international brands you can be sure to find a costume suitable for every occasion; whether you're a surfer, lounging on a boat in the Mediterranean or simply want the perfect tanning bikini you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit.

Founder, Lauren Mitchell



"It began when I was a little girl. Growing up travelling the world, living abroad and constantly being faced with new places. I was your typical 'girly girl' and with an early developed passion for style, fashion always played a huge part in my life. With an ex beauty queen for a mother I spent my entire childhood watching her every move and it wasn't before long I too developed a passion for style..."



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