The Beach Journal

Why one piece swimsuits are and always be the best!

There is a reason why Rosie Huntington Whitely posted a picture of herself wearing a Hunza G one piece which caused their website to crash- one pieces are the new bikini! In fact, they are the sexy, chic alternative to your bikini!

One pieces have recently started to dominate the swim scene and there are so many reasons why. 

Firstly, they are flattering. 

One pieces have this magic way of cinching you in at the waist (see our pintucked swimsuit by Peony swim). Whether it’s a belted suit or a corset style you can always count on creating the illusion of a smaller waist.

You can eat more. 

Ever gone for along lunch and ended up eating so much you just want to let it ‘all hang out’. Well eat til your hearts content cause one pieces hide your bloated belly so no one will ever know ;)

They double up as a top aka. Outfit change.

If you are going from pool to lunch one pieces are your super quick and easy outfit option. Throw on a pair of shorts or high waisted trousers and voila! You are ready for those cocktails!

So next time you’re travelling to your summer destination don’t forget to pack a few one pieces too. After all, who needs a tanned tummy anyway?