The Beach Journal

The Crinkle craze!

Hailed ‘the most flattering swimwear ever’, crinkle swimwear has taken the world by storm. Invented as a one size fits most, the scrunch trend is a unique blend that enables it to be stretched from a size 6 to 16.


The idea originally began with the amazing brand ‘Hunza G’ who were the inventors of the infamous dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. SO credit where credits due, the crinkle wouldn’t exist without our fabulous Hunza G!


Slowly crinkle swimwear has taken over the swimwear scene, being worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajowski and Holly Willoughby and brands have been quick to catch on. Our very own Bond-eye swim, Pretty Little thing, H&M and also Zara are now part of the crinkle Clan.


The swimwear works wonders for our figures; smoothing over any lumps or bumps and giving you a perfect silhouette. The fabric is thick and comfortable sucking you in all right places but also allowing you to breath between courses! It super soft and is perfectly swimmable, drying quickly after a dip.


Some of our favourites include the Gigi and Gloria bikini from Hunza G which are both classic and chic staple bikinis that every girl need in their holiday wardrobe!


We are also huge fans of the Moto one piece, Sydney top and scene bottoms which can both pass as everyday clothing- throw on some shorts and head straight for the bar.
So when you are next in need of a super flattering yet comfy swimsuit don’t go pass the Crinkle trend, we promise you won’t be disappointed!