The Beach Journal

Swimwear you must have for your beach honeymoon!

You’re recently a newlywed and you’ve spent months organising the honeymoon of a lifetime, well we have a few suggestions for you holiday bikini wardrobe to keep you looking as special as ever!

Whether you opt for a one piece or bikini, the world is your oyster when It comes to swimwear choice however, if you and your husband have chosen a more active holiday you might want to consider some functional and comfortable options.

A one piece is always a good idea if your swimming, diving or doing any other sporty related activities as they hold everything together and you won’t risk a cheek nip slip!

Another option would be a crop top style bikini or bottoms with more coverage, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable when you hit the waves with that surfboard! 

Another option we would recommend is a trusty white swimsuit and there’s nothing more exciting than keeping in the spirit of being a bride and it is your time after all to make the most of wearing white! The perfect combination of flirty and feminine a white bikini with a lace edge is a great option.

And last but not least we all know you’ve worked long and hard to get your body to where you wanted it to be for your wedding, so being as fit a and healthy and feeling as good as you most likely do we say show off that beautiful body of yours and go for something a little sexy; think cut outs, skimpy bottoms and itty bitty bikini tops!

Those dreams of being a bride have finally come true so get out there throw on your cutest swimsuit and enjoy every minute of it!