The Beach Journal

Swimwear to compliment your skin tone

Choosing the right swimwear styles for your body can be a daunting and difficult situation and when it comes to which colour to pick many us don’t know what to colour best compliments our skin tone.

Another thing that makes the process difficult is that we are spoilt for choice. There are so many beautiful colours, prints and textures available to us its impossible to work out which style is our perfect fit.

Our team at Bikini Culture have worked out exactly which colours are right for all kinds of skin tones: whether your on the paler side with that English rose complexion, or you are more on the warmer side, blessed with caramel or dark coloured skin. We have done the hard work for you to help you look your best when you’re out sporting your next bikini! 

If you have pale, porcelain type skin your best bet is to go for dark hues like navy or black, dark green. IF you prefer a lighter swimsuit you could try cool tones: red, sapphire blue and purples also look fabulous. Perhaps try to avoid nude colours such as white, yellow and cream as they may clash with your skin tone, best to stick with contrasting colours.

For warmer coloured skin you could try earthy tones such as browns, orange, olive green and yellows. Bright, vivid colours also look great on golden skin tones. For darker coloured skin you basically have the holy grail of complexions! Your skin looks great with bright colours or even fluro, anything which contrasts and ‘pops’, you could even try white!

So many colours to choose from and so many choices! That said, this is just an analysis and you are entitled to wear which ever colour you like and makes you feel good. Have a play with colours you may not have tried before, experiment or even try some patterns and prints! Whatever you choose we have no doubt you will look absolutely fabulous.