The Beach Journal

Swimwear for the Med

If you've ever spent time in the sparkling waters of Nice or the trendy beach clubs of St Tropez you will notice there is a huge scattering of gorgeous sunkissed French girls in their natural European style. 

France has always made its own rules when it comes to the beach. They aren't afraid to go nude, and it isn't unusual for women to go topless *oo la la! They manage to ooze confidence but still keep hold of their elegance. How is it so effortless? Our team at Bikini Culture are determined to work out what their trick is... 

The first thing we noticed is that they never opt for anything too embellished, too 'complex', their swimwear it always relatively simple with clean lines and classic prints like stripes and leopard. They are also huge fans of a flattering one piece and tend to stick with primary colours. Funny straps and off piste cuts are a huge no and anything too 'bulky' on the beach means hectic tan lines so minimal elegance is key. 

SO if you're heading to the shores of Cannes or a boat day in Antibes we suggest you opt for a classic leopard print bikini by Sommer swim or even a full white story from Peony. Seafolly's essential range would fit the bill perfectly with its minimal lines or why not try Suboo swim's bandeau set with skimpy bottoms to make the most of that tan!

Even though trends can alter slightly between borders it is still obvious to see that they have a way of looking everything from chic, sexy, and timeless.

Good luck!