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Swimwear for bigger busted girls

Summer is here and the task of finding a bikini for your next holiday has begun. You look around, try countless bikinis on but none are working. Don’t worry you aren’t alone. Finding a suitable style when you are blessed with an extra large bust can be a super stressful experience!


If you’re looking for sizes larger than a D cup swimwear shopping can be tricky. You can’t just order a cute string tri online or walk up and buy any little flimsy bikini the shopkeeper shows you because a lot of high-end bikini brands are aimed at women with smaller busts. You need extra support and coverage and often that means having to settle for more frumpy looking styles.


Fear not, we are here to help you keep those girls in place. You should be able to wear cute, statement bikinis without having to worry you will fall out of it! Here are a few tips next time you try on a bikini or one piece.


Opt for a style with underwire as it lifts, supports and holds everything in place.


Choosing a style with adjustable straps makes it easy to hoist everything up and make it tighter for perfect cleavage positioning.

One pieces with hidden support:

Some bikini brands design their one pieces with hidden support on the inside. One pieces are tricky to wear if you have a larger bust as they often have no support on the inside so choosing one with underwire or hidden push up bra is an absolute must!

Balconette style bikini:

The balconette style is perfect for larger busts. It mimics a bra keeping the fit super snug with no under boob or spillage.

Bikini ties:

Make sure the ties on the top aren’t too thin, these will dig into your neck and give you a bad headache. Opt for thicker straps and ties which are comfy even if done up tight!


Bikini culture will be introducing Seafolly to our brand book in 2020 who often design styles for a range of cup sizes! So keep an eye out for some new styles and keep our top tips in mind!