The Beach Journal

Sustainable Swimwear

Sustainability is becoming a major trend in the fashion industry and swimwear has been no exception. With growing global concerns for our ecosystems, the spotlight has turned on the fashion industry to clean up its act and change the way it produces its products and how they impact our environment. 

Peony Swim has been one of the labels leading the way in sustainable swimwear since 2017. Their green ethos has helped shape a brand that is known for sustainable luxury, which continues to help them stand out from the crowd.

Peony’s fabrics are made from nylon waste collected from old fishing nets and fabric remnants found in our oceans. The recovered waste is then regenerated through a process called depolymerisation returning it to its virgin state before its transformed into textile yarn and woven into quality fabric in Italy. Resulting in beautiful swimwear you can feel extra good about.

Peony’s use of recycled fabrics is just one of the many things they do to stay sustainable. They are acutely aware that they produce garments designed to be worn by people out enjoying our oceans and beaches. This is why they see it as important to not only avoid contributing to pollution, but also actively contribute to clean up efforts. 

We hope to see more brands taking this approach!