The Beach Journal

Seafolly joins the Bikini Culture team!

Seafolly is the epitome of swimwear; the essential brand for fashionable, comfortable swimwear. It was founded in 1975, in Sydney’s infamous Bondi beach by a man called Peter Halas. ‘It was his dream to begin a swimwear store and his first international customer in France fell in love with the swimwear and the ‘folly’ behind the name, stating it had a certain ‘aura’ around it… playful, light, different and a little bit crazy… just like Australians. Within a few years, Peter’s folly took off and the brand was born.’

Australians grow up and live by the sea so naturally spend a lot of time in swimwear. Peter knows what it takes to create swimwear that appeals to a variety of women and understood that comfort and functionality were huge components of good swimwear. His effortless beach style embodies what it is to be carefree and ‘alive’ like you are when you are swimming in the surf or running along the beach.

The brand is knows for sending a strong message of body confidence and sells a variety of one pieces, high waisted sets to your more active, sporty type swimwear. The variety of bright colours such as buttercup yellow, electric blue and vivid green, attract a loyal following of women all over the world.

With such good quality and strong message behind the brand we are so excited for Seafolly to be joining the Bikini culture team and help promote body confidence for years to come.