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Pretty in Poema

Now heres an empowering brand and message if we ever knew one! Poema, meaning “the pearl of the deep blue sea” is all about bringing out and embracing the inner Goddess in YOU, in whatever shape, style or form that may come in. The Pearl symbolises for the brand, natural beauty, uniqueness, confidence and elegance which is all the ingredients they (and we!) believe every women should recognise within themselves. That, along with the added poema touch of high-end, beach chic styles, really does seem like a recipe for success!


Founded by mother and daughter Pamela and Morea, the two joined forces in South Florida to create Swimwear inspired by different beaches and cultures from their travels across the world.


Their zest for life, shows in their pieces as you'll find an array of different styles, patterns and colours that you can mix and match. Come and take a look at some of our favourites :)


Because Lifes too short for ordinary bikinis..
Love BC


Poema bikini