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London Fitness Studios to Help You Feel Bikini Confident

These past few weeks we have really started to feel the pressure to be ‘bikini ready’ and because it’s been a lot warmer, women all around the world go into panic mode. Green juices sell out and pilates classes are full again. But the truth is, it’s not about your size or shape, but about how comfortable you are in your own body.

Firstly lets remember that wearing a bikini is subjective and how you decide to wear yours is entirely your choice. We know the women in Brazil think the smaller the better whilst in Europe it’s all about going topless, but reality is it comes down to you and what you are comfortable with. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and no two are the same so understand that the bikini that is right for your friend may not be the right one for you. 

Our team at Bikini Culture has rounded-up 5 of our favourite fitness secrets in London that we believe will make you feel healthy and more confident in your new bikini (or one piece)


FORM studio in Notting Hill

  1. FORM

    A boutique pilates studio which features Metcore, our favourite class! METcore is a Pilates hybrid class that works the 6 crucial elements of training for a healthy, pain-free happy body and mind, which include balance, strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, breathing and coordination.


F45 fitness studio

  1. F45

    The concept is simple: a 45 minute High-Intensity, Circuit Training workout class which we guarantee will leave you gasping for air!


Core Collective studio

  1. Core collective

    Our pick is their cycle class which blends high-octane power and pace, for a full body workout. Lose yourself as you push through the climb, saddle up in the sprint and move to the beat of expertly curated playlists.


Barrecore studio London

  1. Barrecorre

    If you’ve never tried a ballet class, either have we! This is a combination of ballet movements and pilates so we promise you will be fine! All classes are set to upbeat music and incorporate high repetitions of barre moves to help craft a long, lean and strong physique. 


BLOK studio London

  1. Blok London

    Go for their cardio killer class for a super intense session! It is a 45 minute class of non stop full fat burning and strength training. It is a mat based class which moves through a constant variety of cardio, strength and core exercises. 


Remember; try not to invest all your energy in only thinking how you could look better, and try have a little more self love. And finally; remember you have a body, that’s it, you are bikini body ready.