The Beach Journal

Swimwear tips for when your bump starts to grow!

When you’re pregnant your body changes rapidly and sometimes these changes can make you feel a little uncomfortable or insecure. Adapting to these changes with a positive mind is vital to making you feel confident. Remember you’re growing a little human- you are a Queen!

As your stomach changes and your curves reshape, clothes start to fit differently. Those skinny jeans your life once depended on become your worst nightmare and elastic waist trousers become your saving grace.

It can be difficult for many women to keep up their stylish wardrobe as many brands don’t cater for the changing body shapes, swimwear especially can be a very daunting experience. Our team at Bikini Culture say ‘be proud, be confident, embrace the changes and wear clothes that show off your beautiful bump, not hide it!’

We have found some fabulous maternity swimwear designed especially to adapt to your changing body shape; some with extra room, ruched pr tie sides allowing room for your tummy and others with extra support for your bust. We also think tankinis or one pieces are a great choice giving you that extra sun protection you need as your skin becomes more sun sensitive.