The Beach Journal

LBB: Little black bikini

If you’re going through your current bikini drawer and pondering what bikini to buy next one classic trend that is an absolute must for every season is the LBB: Little black bikini.

The black swimsuit will always be the most flattering of them all, no matter what shape or size you are, black is always best and below are a few reasons why:

  • Scientifically proven (by us) we have discovered that black is a colour that suits pretty much every skin tone: light to dark, pink to yellow tones.
  • A black bikini won’t break the bank. Investing in a classic swimsuit is great for saving some cash because it will last season after season.
  • It will match any pair of shorts, kaftan or accessory you want to pair with it.
  • Black is associated with elegance and sophistication and is simple yet classic.
  • Black bikinis suit any holiday from Dubai to Lo Angeles there is no country your LBB won’t suit.
  • For all you fake tanners of the world this is your holy grail. Black wont show up any tan marks or give up your secret glowing skin (we won’t tell if you wont).
  • Black isn’t ageist. So if you’re 21 or 61 go on, buy yourself a black bikini!

Every woman knows the importance of an Little black dress for that special occasion so why not apply the same rule for your swimwear wardrobe!