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Is this the Kardashian's favourite bikini?

It seems as though we aren't the only fans of the infamous crinkle bikinis by Hunza G. Kim K and Kylie Jenner are huge fans of the one sized fits all craze especially the sporty Xandra bikini!

Hunza G has got to be one of the top bikini brands of the decade! It’s genius construction of fabric and carefully thought out styles make it a brand for all ages, sizes and tastes! 

The Xandra bikini could potentially strike you as a basic ‘crop style top and bottom’ but it’s not until you’ve tried the bikini you’ll see the magic behind it. The way it contours you’re body, the comfort of the fabric and the shape that flatters just about every body type- (yes, we’re crushing hard)!

Buy it, test it, try it. We promise you won’t be disappointed (Kim K wasn’t)