The Beach Journal

But first... Coffee.

We all remember our first cup of coffee- bitter, too hot, tangy and just not right, until our palettes developed and our love for coffee started to form. Now we can hardly go a day with out one, two, or even three! 

It is the promise of alertness, that warm frothy feeling that stimulates the release of dopamine and it's this feeling that creates euphoria in our bodies. Not to mention the social life around coffee and the addictive nature of the daily caffeine fix. 

Starting with Farm Girl: set in the hustle and bustle of Portobello rd in Notting hill, Farm girl is a favourite among the social networkers. Not only do they serve delicious organic coffee but they are topped of with a French bulldog imprint on the top- nothing like a bit of imagination and creativity for or morning or afternoon break!

Caravan restaurants: from Kings cross to Fitzrovia Caravan now has 5 coffee shops across London and we aren't surprised. Not just great coffee but a company who supports a number of charities like Project Waterfall in their mission to provide clean, safe drinking water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities. 

Artisan: four shops based across London. You can really feel the love for coffee in trendy hang out. They treat "each cup like a fine chef does a meal, taking pride and time to ensure each coffee is flawless". 

So whether you're a mocha, oat latte, vanilla frappe, soy cappuccino or flat white lover, we think you will love our favourite hunting grounds in London for that special daily brew.