The Beach Journal

Bikini culture takes over Festival Fashion!

Packing for festivals is a fine art but don’t worry we’re here to help!

With the knowledge that you’re going to have to carry it all (unless of-course you’re choppering in with the celebs) for most of us packing light isn’t just a good idea but a necessity!

We know this is easier said than done so what better way to maximise space in your bag than taking inspo from some of our favourite supermodels and swapping your tops for bikini tops. Versatile, quick to dry (important at glasto) and takes up virtually no space at all!

Whether you’re donning prints at Coachella, rocking metallics at Burning Man or just desperately trying to match your outfit to your wellies at Glastonbury - swimwear as daywear is a no brainer. 

Here are some of our festival favourites :)