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How to keep Bikini fit in isolation

The new now brings on a whole new meaning and appreciation of life in general. We have been forced to completely adapt and change our daily habits and no doubt a lot of us are finding it really difficult.

From social habits to work and fitness routines every day now revolves around our living room! Bikini culture’s team have got together to discuss some of our favourite at home workouts that keep us motivated and ready for that bikini when we finally get to wear it!

Pilates, Hiit, yoga, cardio, barre; there are so many classes that have moved to the online space making it super easy for us to stay fit and healthy. Some us prefer to use our 1hour a day gong outside for a walk or run while others love to start the day off with a good pilates or strength class.

Here is a list we have put together of our favourite:


They are offering a 3 month free membership with a huge variety of classes from yoga to weight training (if you have any handy at home!) They are extremely professional and easy to follow videos that also offer beginner right up to advanced classes depending on how strong you are feeling!

The sculpt society:

One of our favourite new girl crushes Megan Roup has taken on an athletic approach to dance cardio moves while also combining body weight resistance training which sculpts and tones every part of your body. She begins most classes with a super fun and simple dance cardio routine to get your heart rate up then moves through some strength work combing the use of sliders, ankle weights and resistance bands to create those long lean lines we all want!

Barry’s UK:

And last but not least if you want to push yourself and really work up a sweat you can’t go past Barry’s. Famous for its hardcore high intensity workouts you are sure to burn off those extra snacks you’ve been sneaking in while at home ;)

So if you plan on keeping fit and making the most of this new world we live in these are a few of our suggestions., but remember nothing can beat a relaxing walk or run outdoors in the fresh air so make sure you make the most out of your 1 a day! ;)