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Find a Bikini that fits YOU


Looking for a Bikini but need a little helping hand?

Most Body types fit within these five shapes, so have a look at our hints and tips to enhance all your best bits!




Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape, the typical traits include your lower half being larger than your top half, a defined waist (your best asset!) and an elegant neck along with slim arms and shoulders.


Firstly, don't be afraid of skimpy bottoms! A mid cut or high cut bottom will look sexy as hell. Too thick or low and it may give the illusion of more width. High waisted bottoms will work well too but preferably in block colours and in darker shades. Top tip is to keep the bottom half simple! if there is too much detail going on I.e frills/patterns it may draw attention to that area we need to balance out. Solution? just keep your attention up top! so the frills, embellishment, lace, you name it will do the trick :)

There are also plenty of one piece designs that would look great too. Anything that nips in that waist, has a deep V neck or two tone/pattern print is the one!! Extra tip: A cross back (straps overlapping on the back) will balance out that booty too ;)


Rectangle shape

Alright you guys, so there are a lot of you out there, around 45% of females have this body type so lets get started..

All we want to do is look for swimsuits that will add the illusion of curves to your figure…

So Ruffles/embellishments/padding.. anything that adds a bit of Suttin’ Suttin’ will give you this look! Whether its Bottoms with ties, or a top with ruffles …wherever the detail is, the curves will follow.

An extra tip is that light coloured or bold patterned tops with wide set straps and padding will also help with this effect.


Apple shape

The Apple shape! Juicy to eat, you are usually fuller up top with broader shoulders and a narrower waist, so a top tip is to keep everything supported. One pieces will work as good support for the tummy and the same with an underwire bra for the bust. There are plenty of Swimsuits that have built in control panels to help flatten the stomach, lift the bum and that bust! Sounds dreamy. 

If you are opting for a Bikini, keep the top half simple and go for bottoms instead with patterns, embellishments, ruffles etc ...this helps draw attention away from the top and balances everything out. Thick straps will also make the shoulders appear smaller where as a halter neck may do the opposite.



Hour glass shape

Lucky you, you can pretty much wear most swimsuits as you are curvy and in proportion! but here are a couple of extra tips, to enhance those bits!

Whether its Bandeau, strap, or tankinis… the main factor is to keep the top half similar to the bottom I.e pair simple tops with simple bottoms or ruffled/embellished tops with ruffled/embellished bottoms. This just keeps everything nice and balanced!

One piece bathing suits with a wrap or banded waist will of course enhance your hourglass figure and if you wanted to make it really pleasing to the eye, stick with swimsuits that have the same pattern or colour across the bust and hips.

I wish there was more to say but other than that…your pretty much good to go, the world is your oyster girl! And we’ve got just the bikini for you ;)



Strawberry-Inverted Triangle shape (athletic type)

If you have an Inverted body shape, you are likely to have a smaller booty and slim hips but your pins and bust are pretty darn good! You are proportionally wider up top and that is where you tend to gain weight. Your Shoulders and back are slightly broader and your waist is subtle.

So the main thing we want to do is to level out the bottom half with the top. So Look for bottoms that will add some width like embellishment, ruffles and hip ties.

Up top just keep it simple with style and colour…halter necks are a very good option for you!

With one-piece suits you can look out for cut-out sides, hip details and deep-v necks. This will help create a curvaceous, balanced effect. Mwah!


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Because life's to short for ordinary bikinis..

Love BC