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Bananas for Bandeau bikinis!

If you have ever wondered what style bikini suits your figure the best, or thought about what shape you should wear for certain activities? A lot of people don’t realise the difference between a bandeau, bralette, triangle, bustier, tube top so if you fancy becoming a little more swimwear savvy then read on!

This article will specifically explain one of our favourite bikini styles: the bandeau,: where it originated, how it fits and which body type it is suited for.

The bandeau bra is ‘a strapless strip of stretchy fabric with a thick band on top and bottom for better hold’; It originates from the French language meaning ‘strip’ and in appearance is basically a strip of cloth.

Functionally the bandeau is made of a stretchy fabric that hugs to the body and essentially ‘holds everything in’. It generally doesn’t have any clips or fasteners (which tend to dig into the body) and almost always has zero straps which means – no tan lines!

In the swimwear world the bandeau bikini has come trés far and is now one of the most popular choices, it is versatile, comfortable and form fitting. When you choose swimwear the most important thing is to feel confident and the bandeau achieves this and more!

Generally if you hate irritating tan lines and want a minimal bikini top option the bandeau is your winner. They suit a variety of different body types however if you are on the larger bust spectrum you will probably want to make sure your bikini top comes with removable straps. If you are on the smaller side the choice is yours but why not try a bandeau with a little padding to give you that little extra sumthing sumthing!

Bandeau bikinis we think you will love are: The Hunter & Hubert bikini by Fella swim is a perfect fit with a stunning oversized knot feature adding a bit of extra detail. You will also love the Hunza G Gabrielle Nile bikini which is the classic bandeau shape but comes in a seersucker fabric which ultimately holds you all in ;)

The bandeau bikini has come such a long way and there are now so many different bandeau shapes out there, why not play around with corset bandeaus, knotted bandeaus, bandeaus with a centre ring detail or even a ruched front and most of all pick something that makes you feel comfortable and confident!