The Beach Journal

Backyard Baking

With summer in full swing there is nothing we yearn for more then lounging about in our backyards or patios for a bit of sunshine and with current times considered we’ve all flocked to the closest square inch space of sunlight or patch of grass to perch on for the afternoon.

Although there’s no doubt we’d all prefer to be lounging at a beach club on the med, or on a boat somewhere in the Carribean, sadly we have to make do with our mouldy wooden decks and half broken loungers.

But alas, there is some positive news about sunbaking in your backyard = more privacy! We can finally get out all those bikinis we wouldn’t dare wear in public or better yet throw on that thong you got in a Christmas cracker 5 years ago!

The best part about wearing all our cheeky bikinis means we can work on those wretched tan lines we’ve wanted to get rid of for years- so embrace the skimpiness and say hello to that perfectly even sun tan!