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3 body confident women to watch this season

Body confidence is a huge issue and wearing a bikini in particular can be a daunting experience for many women. Sometimes simply putting on a bikini isn’t enough, it’s about feeling happy and confident in your own body to feel ‘good’ in a bikini.

So if you’re feeling apprehensive about wearing a swimsuit our team at Bikini Culture have rounded up 3 inspirational women who will shed light on their experiences with body positivity and how to find ways to deal with them.

Ashely Graham

The first plus size model on sports illustrated who is breaking societal standards of the ‘perfect’ body and teaching us that tall and slim isn’t always perfect. She works to redefine the way women’s bodies are judged and continues to show that beauty can come in all shapes and sizes. She has recently launched a book titled ‘What `Confidence, Beauty and Power Really Look Like’.


Social media influencer with 150k followers Michelle Elman reminds her followers that there if no quick fix in achieving body positivity and that it is a series of actions rather than a fixed state of mind “You do it every single day”. She also tells her fans the secret to wearing a bikini is simply: Go to the beach, put the bikini on and get in the pool. We love your style girl!

Jameela Jamil

Self confessed “body positivity warrior” Jameela aims to inspire women not to focus solely on looks. She has launched a campaign called ‘I weigh’, which celebrates achievements rather than people’s weight. She wants women to realise that social media promotes unrealistic lifestyles and body standards and that there is more to life then just what we look like.

So there you go ladies, be positive, love yourself, sign out of social media and be grateful for the beautiful body you have!