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3 Bikini enthusiasts to watch this summer

We all know at least one of those lucky girls who gets to spend the entire summer shacked up in Ibiza or the South of France. Living 4 sometimes 5 months of the year in a bikini. These 3 girls are certainly authentic, empowering and business minded so be sure to keep an eye out for them on the gram!

Natasha Oakley: TASHOAKLEY

When we think of bikini Tash’s name almost always come into mind. She is the inventor of ‘A Bikini a day’ blog and has over the past few years launched her own swimwear label called Monday swimwear.

Her bestie/ business partner Devin is just as gorgeous and the two are literally stuck at the hip! The two have the most enviable womanly curves and honey dipped skin (we’re not jealous at all)

Jenah Yamamoto: GYPSYONE

Instagram stay and social media influencer Jennah Yamamoto (Gypsyone) is both bikini guru and incredibly talented photographer. She has managed to make a passion for photography a life of travel, bikinis and sunsets. This Hawaiin exotic beauty travels every corner of the world with her boyfriend capturing the most beautiful scenery and of course pictures of her mesmerizing bikini body.

Anna Maria Sommer: ANNSTAAA

The designer and founder of Sommer Swim is one of our all time favourites. She is beautiful, authentic and entrepreneurial. The beginning of her brand she says was almost accidental. “I started making swim samples for myself to wear - pieces that resonated with my own personal style that could be worn both on holiday in Europe or while lounging by the pool at home.”

Now we follow her traveling all around the world wearing her iconic Sommer swim designs and basically living the dream- Anna, can we come too?