The Beach Journal

2019 is approaching, so what swimwear should we expect ?

So a New year will dawn on us soon and with it will be a whole new host of Summer Swimwear. What has stayed, whats paving the way and what else can we expect from 2019?

Strings, strings and more strings are making a bold statement, with multiple strands wondering left, right, down, up, criss crossing…taking complete centre stage of your bikini. Be prepared for some funky tan lines. Also expect some minimalist ties, brands are starting to make their strings thinner and more minimalist, just make sure you don't get too rough with them and cause them to snap!

Turning the heat up a notch, One pieces are set to stay too but with a twist. They are getting WAY sexier. Higher cuts, Deep v plunges, Side boob, lower boob, you name it, they are showing off your body wherever possible!

Talking of sexy…how about getting more cheeky? Thongs will be gracing the place ladies! Need I say more? Que Sisqo song.  #sunsoutbumsout

So, It seems like 2019 is on the rebellious side! , crossing lines, breaking all the rules, and pushing boundaries on what would once be considered suitable Swimwear.

It seems whatever goes, goes and we're so down with that! Keep your eyes peeled on our site for all our rule breakers and upcoming trends for your 2019 summer